Seed Funding

Our goal is to help startups through the initial phase: this involves assisting startups for proof of concept or raise early seed fund to scale-up.

Veteran Mentorship

We have thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs and experts from various sectors who are willing to offer their invaluable advice, share their experiences and ensure that the entrepreneurs are on the right track.

Idea Validation

A product or a solution must be put to test in a real environment for it to stand the test of the market. With access to industries and organisations, we help startups validate their products/solutions in the real-time market scenario.

Legal Assistance

With entrepreneurs indulged in product building it is imperative that they follow the legal compliance as well. The legal aspect comes into picture right from the inception stage till the last mile. We have empanelled legal agencies at our disposal.

Industry Connections

industry connects not only validates your product, but also helps in absolving the technology, provide the right ecosystem by incubating such startups and eventually help in market linkage.

Startup Tools

More than having a great idea, it is also important to have the adequate tools to build a product. The idea here is to provide the startups with all necessary supporting tools to function seamlessly.

Capital Access

We not only support early stage startups, but also those who are looking to scale up their operations, trying to find newer markets and are on the look out for funds that will help enhance their production capacity.

Policy Advocacy

Policies are always known to play catch up with
technological disruption. Startups need to be aware that they need to operate within the legal framework and any deviation will invite unforeseen disorder.

Branding & Digital Strategy

We will help create a unique brand identity and proposition so that there is a clear definition of what the startup brings to the community. We will provide design, brand and social media specialists to create the perfect brand.

Financial Assistance

Entrepreneurs are often left perplexed when it comes to issues pertaining to stakeholding in the enterprise—sharing of profits; taking a loan, leveraging debt financing or equity, considering mergers and acquisition, maintaining books of accounts, tax compliance and other related areas.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Startups often fail without a sound marketing and sales strategy. We have the right team with versatile experience in marketing and sales across multiple startups. We have a PLAN for startup SUCCESS.

Growth Hacking

Sometimes all it takes is one BIG IDEA to change things overnight. We have the ability and contacts to make miracles happen in the startup world, We can help startups grow beyond their imagination.

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